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lector at his word and escape from C●alcutta before I had outlived my welcome.▓ As I stretched out on the ro●of of the Institute on my return▓ from the chapel, the man be●side me rolled over on his bla▓nket and peered at me through the darkness. ● “That you, Franck” he whispered. ● The voice was that of James, the Australia●n. “Yes,” I answered. ▓ “Some of the lads,” came the

r▓esponse, “told me you’re going to h●it the trail again.” “I’m off ●to-morrow night.” “Where away”● “Somewhere to the east.” The Aust●ralian fell silent a moment, and his voice was a●pologetic when he spoke again. ▓ “I quit my job to-day.There’s t▓he plague, and the summer coming on▓, and they expected me to take orders▓ from a babu manager.Calcutta is no good.● I’d like to get to Hong Kong, but the b●oys say no beachcomber can make it▓ in a year.Think you’ll come an●ywhere near there” “Expect to be th●ere inside a couple of months.” “How if ●we go pards” mu


rmured James.“I’ve n●ever been on the road much, but I●’ve bummed around Australia s●ome after kangaroos, 360and I’ve g●ot fourteen dibs.I’ll put that up for my par▓t of the stake.” “Sure,” I ▓answered, for of all the inmates of the Ins●titute there was no one I should sooner● have chosen as a partner for the rough ●days to come, than James. “●How’ll we make it” he queried▓.“It’s a long jump.” “I’ll set you righ▓t to Goalando,” I replied, “and ▓you can fix m

e up on the Ganges● boat, if the skipper turns us down.I●f we can make Chittagong I think we can beat it ●through the jungle to Mandalay, though ●the boys say we can’t.Then we’ll drop d●own to Rangoon.They say ship▓ping is good there.But let’▓s have it understood that when we h●it Hong Kong each one goes where he l●ikes.” “All right,” said the A●ustralian, lying down once mor▓e. Thursday passed quickly in the overhauli●ng of our gear, and, having stuffe●d our possessions into James’ carpetbag, we ▓set off at nightfall for the station; not tw▓o of us, but three, for Rice of C●hicago ha

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